Why Let's Play Music?

Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings are FUN, engaging and educational music classes for young children taught by a certified instructor.


Sound Beginnings is a family-style class for children ages 0-4 with a parent or caregiver. The 30-minute classes meet once a week for 15 weeks. 

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Let's Play Music is a three year play-based, progressive music theory and keyboard training program perfectly suited for the learning style of children ages 4-7, with a parent or caregiver attending every other week. The classes meet once a week for 50 minutes and are organized around the academic year in three years of two 15-week semesters each.

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  We Understand How Children Learn!

We understand that a child has to be physically involved in the learning process, so we use the eyes, ears, hands and full body movement to learn concepts usually taught on paper. We also know that children enjoy learning in a peer group setting.

Request to sample a class--for FREE! 

Come participate with your child(ren) and sample a class! 

You'll see this program in action, learn the how and why of the curriculum, and have a really fun time!

*Classes are held at Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio, located in the area of Cloverdale & Victory in SW Boise. 

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Why should I attend a Sample Class? 

♪ Attending a Sample Class will help you experience the magic of a real class!

♪ You'll see how the curriculum creates the ideal learning setting of play & discovery. 

♪ You'll see how your child responds to the class and if it will be a good fit. 

♪ I will take time after class to answer your questions and help you determine if enrolling is a good option. 

2024-25 School Year Classes

Tuesdays - Sound Beginnings



Tuesdays - Let's Play Music, Year 2




Wednesdays - Let's Play Music, Year 3



Thursdays - Let's Play Music, Year 1



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*All classes are held at Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio, located in the area of Cloverdale & Victory in SW Boise.

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